We Were Liars – e. Lockhart

Award Nominee, Female Leads


Each summer, cousins of a wealthy family spend the summer on a portion of an island owned by her grandfather off of Martha’s Vineyard. Having wealth and no responsibilities provides a few months of freedom for the four cousins.  Well, three cousins blood related – Cadence, Mirren, and Johnny – and one friend, Gat, who has come for the summers since he was a child.  She refers to them simply as “the liars” even though the characters are not scheming, or openly lying about anything.  The story begins with a quick recap of various summers from Cadence’s younger days, but in “Summer of 15” – 15 for her age,  not the year – an accident occurred, one that left Cadence with memory loss, migraines, and a loss of self.

In the “Summer of 17” she is reunited with her ‘liars’ after missing the previous summer due to her parents belief she needed to heal.  Cady, Mirren, Johnny, and Gat settle easily back into their roles of summer teenagers with no responsibilities; however, Cady is determined to use her 4 week stay to get the liars to tell her what happened two years ago since her mother will not.  As the weeks progress, Cady notices how relationships among her aunties and her cousins have changed while still experiencing the painful headaches from her accident in the summer of 15.  As her cousins begin to tell her details and as her memory comes back, Cady realizes the truth about the mystery of that summer.

As the plot gets deeper into Cady’s lost memories, the pace picks up and that idle summer for rich kids quickly disappears to mystery, heartache, and family drama.

And the ending……….the truth……… oh.my.god.



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