Steelheart (Reckoners #1) – Brandon Sanderson



It’s not often I am into a book within minutes….. this is one of them.  Popular with some of my students – the preteen boys especially – I felt it was time to try and I’m glad I did.

Think magic transformers who have the strength of superheroes taking over mankind and destroying the world as they (the Epics) fight among themselves for the most power.   Epics do not care much for humans and have quickly become stronger than any government or the military.  David, our narrator, has been studying Epics for 10 years ever since his dad was killed by Steelheart, the strongest of the Epics who runs the city, the newly steel heavy Chicago.

David finds the Reckoners, the squad of humans who hunt the Epics.  This has been his other goal for the last ten years: To join the Reckoners and kill Steelheart.  The ultimate revenge.

As David trains and shares his research with the Reckoners, he realizes fighting the Epics will be more difficult than he imagined.  Yet, he has a skill for the technological tools “Prof” shows him, he seems to have a quick instinct that saves them on numerous occasions, and he develops a hard crush on Megan.

This is a great  story – very action heavy, very futuristic, and very appropriate for preteens seeking some adventure without a lot of romance.

I will continue.  The Sequel: The Reckoners.


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