All Fall Down: Book One of Embassy Row -Ally Carter

Action, families, Female Leads, revenge, Series

all fall down

Grace is the grand daughter of the American ambassador and has returned to live with her Grandfather 3 years after her mother’s death – a death that only Grace knows the real cause: Murder.  As the only witness, Grace is haunted by her mother’s death, which other’s believe was an accident.  No one believes her – not her grandfather, not the police, not anyone who can help her on Embassy Row.

That is, until she meets some new friends and reunites with another child of Embassy Row. Besides mystery concerning Grace’s mother’s death, is the mystery of the tunnels beneath the city and the men who Grace accidentally comes across and hear’s plan for another killing.  As Grace and her new cohorts, the few who do believe her, explore the city, hack into computers, and follow the man with the scar, one can assume that soon this secret surrounding Grace’s mother’s death will of course include the politicians.  The book, after all, is the beginning of a series called “Embassy Row” so I think our curious international characters will become quite the spy team.

What’s nice about this mystery is the group of friends that comes together, from different countries, of different races, and of different ages.  They speak of Embassies, and of their homes, as the country their parents or grandparents represent, which means we get comical passages like [paraphrasing here] “I look up and I’m in Iran” or ‘I crossed the wall from Canada to Germany’.

There were some twists with who the good guys were verses who the bad guys were and it ends with a little mystery.  This would interest those who like mysteries or conspiracies.

Sequel:  See How They Run


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