Sweet – Emmy Laybourne

Action, death, Favorites, Female Leads

Celebrities and overweight people are on a cruise with a special, new, dietary aid.  Solu is a sweetener to put on your food, in coffee, or cook with, and it will help people lose weight – or at least that is the stipulation for this expensive PR 24/7 event.  Its introduction is a week long cruise, with press, celebrities, and average people (well, those that can afford it) being televised over satellite before Solu is released to the public 7 days later.

The story has dual narrators – Laurel who is along with her best friend.  Both girls are slightly overweight and while Laurel is not there to lose weight her best friend Viv is.  Viv’s dad paid for the girls to go on this cruise hosted by Tom, our second narrator.  Tom is a reality star who is famous for his years of being overweight child Tom-Tom to a televised audience.  Now in shape, Tom doesn’t care to take Solu and neither does Laurel.  The foreshadowing that they will not only witness the effects of Solu, but then have to try and survive isolated on this ship is clear, but just like Monument 14 – Emmy Laybourne keeps on delivering twists to the plot and crazy gruesome details of injuries and death.  I love her books, but I do recommend them with caution and often only to older readers.

I can’t give much more detail to the story itself without giving a lot away.  There’s a love connection, a corrupt scientist, and a whole lot of addicts who being to resemble zombies or brainwashed people losing all inhibitions and fear.  Parts seem to be more zombie-esque than survivalist, but it’s full of action –  and funny at times even when people are going crazy, which is a pretty impressive balance to pull off.


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