H2O – Virginia Bergin



It begins outside of London with a bunch of friends drinking at a party and many in the hot tub.  That’s the most “YA” upper age thing – besides all the blood and death, but know it begins with making out in a hot tub.

An outbreak overseas has made its way to Europe and by the time they realize the disease is in the rain, it is too late.  In a matter of days, Ruby has gone from making out with her crush in a hot tub to traveling alone and no longer remembering how many dead bodies she has seen.  As she begins living fearful of rain, neighbors, and all water those first few days after the first deadly rain, it becomes clear that her village outside of London is alone.  And soon Ruby is alone.

Lots of action, very gory and descriptive.  A great story, but probably best for the older readers of YA due to the violent, bloody, flesh scratching way people die…. and the smell and decay that is mentioned throughout the story.   There are some comical parts – when Ruby uses self tanner by candlelight and her rescue of neighborhood dogs, but there are passages that are borderline science fiction end-of-days and lonely passages of Ruby’s personal thoughts or memories of her mom and baby brother.

Sequel (UK title) – The Storm


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