Six of Crows -Leigh Bardugo

Fantasy, Female Leads, Young Readers

Continuing the YA trend of teens with special powers comes Six of Crows, a recently published book that I am reading within a month of being published and hope I’m ahead of the popularity – I predict it to become another YA popular book.

Chapters alternate between characters who hide their powers, are taken advantage of for their powers, and characters who are fighting for survival and those who have secret pasts in which they are trying to forget.  In other words —– exciting!  We have narration of male and female characters, but all are strong in mental ability or physical strength and in the first 10 chapters I just kept wanting them to get together already and become a force of rebels with superpowers like X-men.

I had to wait…… and wait.   Disappointingly long for any real action to get going. (Did I mention the wait?)

Kaz is sort of a gang ruler of misfits, thugs, and survivalists.  It’s a time where groups clash, powerful people are taken and locked away, and politics decide who survives.  As he gets together a group in a sort of Oceans 11 coming together to pull of a heist, readers slowly learn more of each of the six and of the heist.  It’s good enough with some action, but not near as much as I expected.  I kept thinking it would build.

Inej is a strong, confident, female – a loner for sure.  Jesper

Wylan is the out of place character, later to find out his sole purpose is to be a hostage against his powerful father…. until his power saves the crew.

Nina is respected and feared, and both quick and as silent as a cat.

Matthias is their captured hostage with a past with Nina, one in which both of them wish to alternate between loving and killing the other.

Trying to keep it all straight – me too. Finally around page 150 I was enjoying it.  Still, I couldn’t make myself finish it at this time.  Maybe later….. other people seem to like it so maybe I was just interrupted too often with this book and holidays got in the way – but I couldn’t force myself to finish it.  There were good parts so I was hopeful, but I’ve decided to let this one go.




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