The Crossover – Kwame Alexander


In honor of Kwame Alexander Day (my declaration) since I am introducing him and he is speaking to my students.


Written in verse, but reads more like a rap at times.  It is very rhythmic, fast, entertaining.  I also decided within three pages (poems) that I was going to buy this for the library. Josh Bell loves basketball and is a great player.  This combines sports and poetry.  I love a combination.

Because the narration is told through poetry, this is a fast read, but it’s also conversation and flows well.  Boys who love sports books, which are most of my 7th graders, would probably give this a chance since it reads conversationally and not as a deep, lyrical poem, one in which they’d need to dissect.  Fonts change, letters alternate between capitalization based on emphasis, and some pages have very few words – all make this very visually pleasing and entertaining.

The story itself is a basic one – teenage boy, great at basketball, the son of an professional…

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