Drowned City: Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans – Don Brown

Award Nominee, graphic novel

This is an honest, detailed portrayal of Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath in New Orleans.  As a graphic novel, many teens will enjoy the quick read and illustrations.  Don Brown managed to fit in every aspect and disaster as it occurred in 2005 including how people drowned in their attics, bodies bloated on the streets, President Bush’s comment of “Good Job Brownie” praising the FEMA Director when most of America didn’t think FEMA went in soon enough.

It shows how the people of New Orleans came together to rescue others in their own boats and also the desperation felt by many.  Hospitals are shown caring for patients even as generators failed and machines were not relied upon. Pets being deserted are covered, police deserting the city is shown, lack of food and water is addressed, and I could only think of one or town details that weren’t covered in this book, but it is fabulous.

Don Brown also has 3 pages of source notes and a bibliography which will help justify a graphic novel acting as a legitimate source.

Awards:  Sibert Honor Book (2016)


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