The Girl With The Wrong Name – Barnabas Miller

Action, Female Leads

This is a multi-level mystery concerning a “night in question” for Theo Lane who does not remember a night a few months ago, one that left her with a scar across her cheek.  As she has hidden away from her friends for the summer (and away from mirrors), she finds a connection in watching strangers and trying her hand at film making.  One stranger in particular catches her eye – both because he is attractive and also because he returns to the cafe at the same time everyday and she is curious as to why he returns.  As Theo must return to her teenage life of attending school and rejoin her friends, she also befriends this stranger, Andy, and helps him navigate New Your City looking for a girl he met days ago, but he doesn’t have a lot to go on.

It begins as navigating subways and burrows of the city and spirals into a sinister scenario where Theo questions Andy, her “night in question” and her own lack of memory, and what really happened to Andy’s mystery girl Sarah.  There are similarities between Sarah and Theo, earily so.  Are their mysteries related?  How does Andy seem to know so many people if this is her first time in New York?  Why do both Theo and Andy seem to have so many questions about their own past?

The mystery is the plot of the whole novel and at each new discovery, Theo faces moments of mental confusion as if her past and “The night in question” are intertwined with Andy.  She also over-medicates herself which brings a new mystery to the reader: Are Theo’s revelations real or are the connections made while in a drug induced haze?  Similarly, as We Were Liars the mystery comes with twists and turns and right when you think you know the ending – Boom, there’s a twist.  This takes a while to understand and even if you think you know the twist and end to the mystery, you don’t.  I had about three different “bad guys” I suspected before I found the truth.

It’s great.  It’s bold.   Read it, but there are lots of levels perhaps too much for the under 13 crowd.


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