Book Reviews Temporarily Stopping

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In case anyone actually looks at this besides me –

I am on an ALA Committee for Best Fiction Young Adult and am reading a book about every 2-3 days.  In doing so I, along with 14 other members nationwide, will choose the best young adult fiction for this year.  I am not allowed to publicly voice my opinion on books considered or books nominated.  At the end of this term, I will have over 150 book reviews, but right now I can’t post them publicly.

If you are interested in what has been nominated so far by the committee members, visit the Young Adult Library Service’s (YALSA) webpage.

So while it looks like I’m on hiatus, I am not on a break from reading – I am just deep into secret award committee reading.



An author of FanFiction + Freshmen Year of College = Fangirl

Twins Cath and Wren are off to college, only Wren is leaping into the freedom of Freshmen year while Cath is retreating into her Fanfiction based on the international hit Simon Snow (aka: Harry Potter).  As the girls adapt to life away from home, and away from sharing a room, Wren finds the party-crowd while Cath slowly finds a circle of literary friends and social roommate.

Chapters alternate between the girls’ time at college and Cath’s popular Fanfic which she publishes online.  The story-within-the-story takes the characters of Simon Snow and creates a same-sex attraction between the rivals (Think Harry and Draco). While Cath has a following of thousands, one college professor warns Cath against FanFiction and Cath must decide which is more important: College or her devotion to Simon Snow Fanfic.  That sounds juvenile, but with any coming of age story, one must make important decisions and face letting things go and moving on.

As Cath faces class, classmates, and characters, Ren faces more dangerous and self-harming behavior.  Other points of FanGirl are the girls’ relationships with their Manic-Depressive dad and the abandonment of their mom. The girls face ups and downs with college classes, parents, and each other, but in the end both Cath’s fans and Cath get the conclusion they all deserve.

Other elements: drug and alcohol use, dating, and cheating.