Deadweather and Sunrise (The Chronicles of Egg) – Geoff Rodkey

Action, Fantasy, Series

Adventure, pirates, mystery, and a girl…… This is an exciting story, the first of the series, about 13 year old Egg (Egbert) who lives with his father and two older, crass and cruel, siblings.  Their father is a fruit plantation owner who employees pirates on a miserably hot island where rude behavior is the norm.  Only when the family goes to Sunrise island (a more civilized city) and Egg meets Millicent does he feel he has found someone to talk to who treats him kindly.

After a freak hot air balloon accident, Egg finds himself without his uncaring and crass family.  For the next few weeks he stays with Millicent and Mr. Pembroke and thinks his life has changed for the better.  Sadly, that is not the case and in a similar feel as the Lemony Snicket series things continue to go from bad to worse for our friend Egg.  From nearly being murdered in a ruse for his land to being a prisoner aboard a pirate ship, Egg finds he is truly alone and must think quickly, act alone, and not trust the various gangs of pirates he’s grown up among.  Once he realizes Pembroke was behind his family’s death, he returns to Sunrise with a new sidekick, the quest to rejoin Millicent and tell her the truth, and to claim his family’s plantation.

This is juvenile adventure and certainly safe for most readers – other than the dead family bit – and the pirate adventure, hidden treasure, and sailing the sea is more adventure than a lost love story (be the lost love from his family or Millicent).  A good time, and probably an entertaining conclusion to the series.